I the Internet

Why do you do it?

Simply because I like seeing people succeed.

Business is tough. A huge percentage fail. Why is this? The majority fail (in my opinion) due to bad marketing and a bad online presence. You can have the best service, product or course but if its looks bad when people Google you, it’s not going to happen.

I want to make sure people have the best chance in succeeding in business and I do that by making their website look epic. 

When I introduce myself at a business networking event as a web guy, the most popular reactions I get is “Ooh you won’t like my website, I made it myself” or “I’ve got a website but its really old” or worse still “I got my mate’s kid to do it as it was cheap”.

It’s going to do more damage to your business to leave up a poor looking website, than spending a little to get it working for you.


How do you do it?

Here is the issue: Not many start-ups have the budget for an epic website, but they need one that works well, looks better and has the capability to grow with their business.

So how can I guarantee quality, whilst keeping costs down?

The solution is to use a template for the majority of the site, and only customise the bits that are unique to the business. There is no need to re-invent the wheel as they say, so don’t do the same for a website. I use X Theme and their own page builder, Cornerstone, to build the standard sections of a website. This means I just need to build the custom bits as and when they are called for, instead of always building a custom theme.

81% of people Google you before making a decision to buy.