Course details

  • Plugins

    What they are, how to add them and what not to use them for.

  • Header customisation

    Add your logo, update the fonts, colours and menu design.

  • Footer customisation

    Adding social links and best practices for a website footer.

  • Classic Elements

    Full run-through of each Cornerstone classic element

  • Blocks

    What are they? How to add, remove and sort them.

  • Home page creation

    Let’s build your home page and go through best practice techniques.

  • About page creation

    Let the world know you and your experiences.

  • Services page creation

    What can you do for people and how do you offer value?

  • Contact page creation

    Now people know what you do, how do they get in touch?

  • Menus and widgets

    More detailed look into WordPress functionality

  • Custom blocks

    Where to get them and how to upload them to your site properly.

  • Blogs and SEO

    How to create blog posts that rank on Google!