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I had gotten a call from Peter at Greenshore regarding getting their current website updated and ready for a push on marketing and SEO. They had previously had an in-house person working on the website and also handling their AdWords campaign, but were now looking to upgrade their site and really get serious on AdWords.

The site upgrade was really straight forward as they were happy with the current content, just needed a fresh layout. Taking a look at some examples they’d sent, I put together a site that highlighted the quality of their work with nice big bold images. They had previously had a home page slider which did have some great images, but with mobile usage on the up (more than 50%) there needed to be a slicker, faster loading banner for mobile users.

Another area that was overhauled was the before and after section. This was basically simplified to purely focus on images, rather than text. This page also took over from the previous case studies area, which had some layout issues, especially for mobile.

The rest of the site got some small tweaks so that it all fitted together nicely.

As for the SEO part of the build, I added in some tools in the back-end to help the website load times. I also went through some training with Peter to show him some of the tools I use to keep my site optimised and as light weight as possible. Large images are the quickest way to slow your site down so I wrote a post about all the free tools I use to keep my website running quickly. It’s creatively called “3 Tools To Optimise Your Website Images” 🙂

As well as the technical training, I went through a few current rules on how to align their social media, blogging and AdWords marketing to get the most return on the work they are putting in.

Peter and the team are now set-up to really market their business and push as much traffic to the site as they can, so if you are thinking of doing the same, let’s have a chat.


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