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Journey One needed a website refresh so that they could push marketing towards the website. Currently, it was just there as a thing they had and were not using it to its full potential. They had a custom design made which they needed to be developed into a responsive website. They had a few very cool areas which made the website fun to interact with, the scrolling boat on the home page being my favourite to build!

Check it out: Journey One Home Page

The main focus for the site was to make it a great user experience, and both them and I were really happy with the result.

Each website can have a very different focus and this impacts the way the site is built. For example, a conversion optimised site can sometimes look a little cheesy and generic, but that is because we know, through lots and lots of user testing, that those layouts work best.

If the main goal of the site is to be interactive, then a visually pleasing design is going to be the main goal. That is what Journey One was after so they went to a designer to get mock-ups made of the site they wanted. This resulted in a higher cost for the website, but still affordable for their budget. For more standard sites, check out the website packages on offer.

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