My Glass and Glazing

My Glass and Glazier – With over 20 years experience, their word of mouth reputation puts them as one of the best in Perth.

Working together with Nibble IT on this client, the website project was to start from scratch. The client had email setup but no website, logo or content.

Meeting face to face to find out exactly what the client needed it was clear that a simple site that showed services, details about Mike and his work plus some contact information was all that he needed currently. With every client we find what they need now, but also put in place a website that is ready to grow and that can be updated quickly.

As Mike was busy with work, he wanted us to take care of all aspects of the site, one being the content. An over the phone chat to learn about his business and that’s all the information we needed to create high quality, SEO friendly content for his site. Content is the longest part of any website build so once that was done and signed off, we could continue with the web build.

Picking the right package for him, we built him a multi page site that includes spaces for all his work and the option to grow when needed. Adding in a booking system or blog would be super quick going forward. He also has the option of getting one of our SEO packages to really promote his business.

Great client and fantastically smooth running project 🙂

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