WordPress vs Wix, SquareSpace and other Website Builders – Which is best?

This has been a question that has interested me for a while now… so here is my view. I do love WordPress though.

The two main DIY website builders are Wix and Squarespace. There are a lot of others out there but let’s stick with these two for now.

Wix and SquareSpace are similar with a range of templates to choose from, though I would lean towards SquareSpace for the more elegant looking layouts. Perfect for a quick website for an event or maybe a wedding.


  • Lots of templates to choose from… so many.
  • Easy e-commerce setup.
  • Quick to setup (if you don’t make too many changes).


  • No access to the code when glitches appear… and they will. Learn why this is important.
  • No ability to make completely custom changes to the site.
  • E-commerce functionality is not flexible.
  • Have to wait for functionality to become available like Facebook Pixel integration which will hinder your marketing.
  • Templates are not updated regularly.
  • The website is never “fully yours” so if you change hosting, you can’t keep the website.

They say they are easy to use and if you make only minor changes, that is true, but what about when there is a layout issue that can’t be fixed via the tools menu? What happens when you need something custom made, like a booking function? What if you spend hours, days, weeks perfecting your site, then find some bits don’t work on mobiles? That’s 70% of your customers that your site won’t work for.

So, should you a website builder for a website or should you go with WordPress?

Basically, if you are in business and are even considering creating a website, go with WordPress. It may seem like an overly complex platform, but it really isn’t. The learning curve can be as simple as a drag and drop page builder, but the number of options you have going forward and being able to turn your website into a marketing machine are infinitely more with WordPress.

Getting a developer to build you a custom website will be a lot more expensive, cash wise, than going it alone, but the time and stress you’ll save will be worth it. Sometimes though, that’s just not an option. If you are in this group, then I would recommend this video course. It costs as much as the domain, hosting and WordPress theme licensees but gets you set up in a way that gives you the tools to create a beautiful website and one that has all the power of WordPress.

Want to learn how to create your own WordPress website?

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