Thomas Gatter

Thomas Gatter – Family lawyers based in Perth

Ben had been working at AL Thomas lawyers for a few years and was now in the process of becoming a partner and therefore looking for a new website to match the new firm.

Ben knew exactly what he wanted with the new site… “I don’t want it to look like a law firm website”.

Perfect. I love clients that look to change the norm.

The site was positioned to open in time with the new offices and together with the overall company launch. The content was mainly complete and images can be sourced via the trusty Colour scheme and logo design had been professionally created by our good friend Morgane from Morgane Guedj Creative. All of this came together to create a visually pleasing “not law firmy” website.

Some sites just look good but have hidden demons when it comes to the code. WordPress CMS and its ever updating code make sure that the site has longevity and is adhering to the current web standards.

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