Turn Facebook Messenger Into A Tool For Business

I have saved hours so far by using this: Desktop Messenger – No Distractions

With well over 1 billion active users each month, and growing faster than ever, Facebook is looking unstoppable.

With these many people on it, and most businesses having a business Facebook page it makes sense to start using the Messenger component as a tool to chat with clients. Messenger is now linked in with advertising and is only going to grow and grow. But, it’s very easy to go on an unplanned Facebook Safari, where you’ll plan to send one message, and end up 20 minutes later, seeing that your friend from years ago now has a new cat and finding out what vegetable you’re most like.

The steps most people take to get to Messenger, and I’m talking only about the desktop version here, is to go to Facebook, then try and just click on the messages icon. Sounds super easy, but insanely difficult in practice.

I know this because I used to live in the same traitorous world as you until I decided to do something about it. It’s a Chrome extension. I learnt from Gabe Berke-Williams and his super easy instructions, and it took me about an hour all in all. So far though, it’s probably saved me 10s of hours of not getting distracted by the Facebook Feed.

Here is the link again, so you too benefit from extra time: Desktop Messenger – No Distractions.

Like most things, it’s super simple but actually, has a huge benefit on your productivity. All it does is stops you going through Facebook, and Also removes any distracting notifications or easy access to the Facebook feed.

Let me know what you think!


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